Ilkka Rajala

Coach for influential business people, athletes and top class performers. Co-founder of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence company.

For the past 12 years Ilkka has trained influential business people, top athletes and celebrities in Finland. Ilkka Rajala is one of the most experienced mental coach in Finland. Ilkka’s creative, bold and humoristic approach leaves nobody untouched.

Ilkka is an expert when it comes to human mind. He has Trained over 30 000 people and coached over 1 500 people personally.

Ilkka is the co-founder of Artificial Intelligence company called Aimeta.

There are patterns in human thinking. What if we could use Artificial Intelligence to find out those patterns? This is what we have developed.

Introducing Aimeta. The first AI to model human mind from any source. Text, Speech, Social media accounts, etc.

We can give precise data on how people think. Want to know how selected group of people think now or in the future?

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“It’s not just that Ilkka is within the TOP5 of the world’s NLP-specialists and trainers, but that he has a systemic approach that creates remarkable results for influential decision makers in the world of business. People who have already tried all sorts of coaching and leadership models.” -Petri Syvänne, Head of Global Sales, Tieto Plc.